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Giant Monster Messages

Mar 29, 2017

Giant Monster Messages: Son of Kong (1933)

Dancing monkey's but where are the sebaceous seals? In this episode we look at the 1933 film Son of Kong. We discuss failure, transition, Ghostbusters 2, consequences, and why you shouldn't ask about Mama Kong.

01:15 History
05:29 Plot
15:17 Talking Points
25:45 Messages

Mar 14, 2017

Giant Monster Messages: King Kong (1933)


Exaggerated Creatures and Characters. In this episode we discuss the 1933 classic King Kong. We talk about the Great Depression, curiosity, desire, and racism.


01:13 History

09:45 Plot

14:02 Talking Points

23:47 Messages

33:24 Does it hold up?

36:18 Final Thoughts